Sheila Gunston Dip.CBST, PCBC-A, FPPE       
Certified Dog Trainer and Professional Canine Behavior Consultant (accredited), Certified and licensed Family Paws Parent Educator and member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance proudly serving Central Alberta and area!                                                                   

Specializing in Complex Behavior and always working within the Laws of Learning Theory using Force Free, Positive Reinforcement methods and the Bond Based Approach.  

Events / Classes

New classes and seminars are always being planned and are advertised on our facebook page

Please email for more information.

*IF your dog is reactive around other dogs or people, please contact me for details on classes specifically for reactivity or for a private session prior to joining class.

Forcing your reactive dog into a class setting that isn't specific to reactivity is considered "flooding" and can make the reactivity much worse. We want learning to occur in safe environments, always.