Sheila Gunston Dip.CBST, PCBC-A       
Certified Dog Trainer, Accredited Professional Canine Behavior Consultant, Doggone Safe "Be A Tree" Presenter, Progressive Reinforcement Trainer and member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance proudly serving Central Alberta and area!                                                                   

Specializing in Complex Behavior and always working within the Laws of Learning Theory using Force Free, Positive Reinforcement methods and the Bond Based Approach.  

Group Class - Puppy Foundations (for puppies aged 8 to 24 weeks – first set of vaccinations required)

*No puppy classes planned at this time - please contact Leslie Dool with Better Dog World in Lacombe for puppy class schedules @

Congratulations on your new furry family member!  You may have just welcomed a sleepy, fuzzy little prince or maybe a rambunctious miniature shark, into your home.  Either way, there is much to learn about developmental stages, house training, the importance of creating positive associations to new people, places and things and how to help your vet and your groomer!  Puppies are a delight and also a lot of work - building a strong bond with them so that they feel safe enough to look to you for guidance during this trying stage of life, is more important than anything.

The first class is HUMAN ONLY and the itinerary of the remaining 5 weeks is detailed below.

We will be using current science to teach our dogs - force free, positive reinforcement methods. There will be no physical corrections used. No choke chains, prong collars or slip leads permitted, please. Flat buckle collars or harnesses preferred. If you need a hand selecting a harness or collar, please let me know and I can help you choose the right style for your puppy.

Week one: Communication and behavior. Discussing stress and calming signs, including communication literature. (No puppies present for week one) We will be discussing using a treat pouch and a clicker and why we use food and the environment as reinforcers. I will be discussing the differences between collars, harnesses and other tools, as well as house training, vaccination schedules, crate training, nipping/mouthing, proper exposures/socialization, etc.

Week two: Introducing the clicker OR verbal marker, the name game and other focus exercises, when and how to ask for a sit

Week three: Handling and husbandry, learning to play tug and how to release

Week four: Exposures to different auditory, visual and tactile stimuli, introduction to recall, leash work

Week five: Increased exposures to more stimulating environments

Week six: Puppy play hour!  What proper play and cut off signs looks like, how to redirect your puppy from inappropriate play (one on one play)


******TO JOIN******
1. Please email with your name, your puppy's name and age and any special concerns you may have.

2. Once I've responded to your email, payment of $189 incl GST is due PRIOR TO THE FIRST CLASS by etransfer to the above email OR by clicking on "registration" to the left of this page to pay via credit card to secure your spot.

I look forward to meeting with you and your furry friends! All family members welcome (children must be accompanied by an adult who is NOT the puppy's handler)

Social distancing protocols will be in place.